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The Roselea was owned by the MacInnes brothers (Balaich Fhionnlaigh) and was still working up to 1953. The boat came to Gravir from Lochboisdale and cost £300. It is thought that the Roselea was built somewhere on the East coast of Scotland in one of the shipyards that built the large drifters, which would account for the thick carvel planking that was used as the smaller boats such as the Roselea would have been built from the cut-offs after building the larger drifters.

The remains of the Roselea can be seen on the north shore of Loch Gravir.

Murdo MacInnes, 8 Gravir, (Murchadh Fhionnlaigh) retired in 1946.
Angus MacInnes, 8 Gravir, (Aonghas Fhionnlaigh).
Iain MacInnes, 10 Glen Gravir, (Iain Fhionnlaigh).
Donald Matheson, 11 Gravir, (Dhanaidh Dhomhall Mhurchaidh).
Malcolm Macleod, 3 Glen Gravir, (Calum Mairi).
Ivor Macleod, Kebbock View, (Iomhair Dhomhnaill) joined in 1946 after Murdo retired.



Title: Roselea
Record Type: Boats
Type: Small Fishing Boat
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