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The Handy SY555 was a beautiful boat which was skippered by Berri, 27 Gravir. She was taken over by the Navy during the War and was used as a harbour service boat, on the mainland. The owners were paid for the use of the boat but had great difficulty getting her back to Gravir after the War.


Matheson, Berri, 27 Gravir.
Donald Matheson, Domhnaill Dhanaidh, 27 Gravir at that time.
Iain Matheson, Iain Dhomhnaill Ruadh, 30 Gravir.
Murdo Matheson, Murchaidh Dhomhnaill Ruadh, 31 Gravir.
Duncan Chisholm, Dunacaidh Choinnich, 29 Gravir.


Title: Handy
Record Type: Boats
Type: Small Fishing Boat
Registration: SY555
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 11037