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HMY Zarefah

HMY Zarefah

Originally built as the Maretanza V for Sir John Denison-Pender.

In 1914, she was hired by the Royal Navy and equipped for minesweeping duties

The HMY Zarefah struck a mine, on the 8th May 1917, and sank in the North Sea, 1 nautical mile North East of Mull Head, Orkney, with the loss of 16 of her crew.

In July 2002, divers found the wreck of the HMY Zarefah and recovered the ship's bell and other articles, which they donated to the Lyness Museum in Orkney. 

More information can be found at the wrecksite website and photographs of the bell can be found at the North Tolsta Historic Society page for one of the lost seamen.


Title: HMY Zarefah
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