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Boat - Perseverance
Registered 1949

No. Sy 239
25.6ft Keel
Sail and auxiliary motor
4.45 Ton
3 Man crew
Line fishing and creels

Owner - Crofter's Supply Agency, Edinburgh
Skipper - Murdo Morrison, 4 Kirkibost

Reg. Transferred in 1960 to Donald John Martin (Flannigan), 17 Hacklete and Peter Macaulay (Padruig Dhughail), 19 Hacklete.
Reg transferred in 1962 to John Angus Macaulay( son of Peter above)
In 1973 sold to Marvig, Lochs.

Title: Perseverance
Record Type: Boats
Type: Small Fishing Boat
Date of Registration: 1949
Registration: SY239
Record Maintained By: CEBL
Subject Id: 13810