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Look Alive

Look Alive

Boat - Look Alive
Reg. 1908

No. SY 76
29ft keel
Mast, lug sail and foresail
10 ton
5 man crew
Line fishing

Joint owners - Norman Maciver (Absalom), Breaclete and Alec Macaulay (Alec Uig), merchant, Stornoway
Skipper - Norman Maciver (Absalom)
Crew as listed by Danaidh Beag, 4 Breaclete;
Donald Macdonald (Domhnall Ruadh), 13 Tobson; lost on the "Iolaire"
John Macdonald (Iain Aonghais Fhearchair), 13 Breaclete
Norman Smith (Tormod Chaluim Rhuaidh), 18 Kirkibost
John Macdonald (Seonnaidh Barabal), Tobson and 14 Hacklete
Malcolm Maciver (Calum an Taillear), 11 Hacklete

Reg. closed 1923


Title: Look Alive
Record Type: Boats
Type: Small Fishing Boat
Date of Registration: 1908
Registration: SY 76
Record Maintained By: CEBL
Subject Id: 37859