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Sea Flower

Sea Flower

Boat - Sea Flower
Reg. 1899

No. SY 15
19ft keel
Mast and lug sail - decked
3.7 ton
4 man crew
Line fishing

Owner/Skipper - Donald Martin (Domhnall 'an Cohinnich; an Cruadal), Hacklete
Transferred 06-02-1911 to Angus Martin (Iomhair)
Transferred 09-12-1927 to Donald Martin (Domhnall Iomhair)
Built by John Macaulay (Saor Bhreanais). He took his chest of tools with him and stayed in Hacklete while building the boat.

Reg. closed


Title: Sea Flower
Record Type: Boats
Type: Small Fishing Boat
Date of Registration: 1899
Registration: SY 15
Record Maintained By: CEBL
Subject Id: 39711