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Scotch Lass

Scotch Lass

Boat - Scotch Lass
Reg. 1953

No. SY 597
34ft keel
Ketch rig with Kelvin diesel 66
15.3 ton
4 man crew
Line fishing, nets and creels

Owner/Skipper - George Clark

Sold 1955

Article that appeared in Fishing Boats (a news-letter of the 40+ Fishing Boat Association. Aims to promote preservation of fishing boats, research into the fishing boat heritage of the British Isles and to safeguard our artisan fishing traditions - sic):

SCOTCH LASS is owned by members Mr Dave Lancaster and Mr Peter Roe. She was built and completed in May 1953, "yard number" 696, by J N Miller, of St Monans for George Clark, Stornoway, registered SY597. She was used for part time creel fishing and fished from Carabost(sic). Dimensions are 39.9', 38'x 16'x6' and accommodation was for a crew of four.

In 1955 she returned to the east coast of Scotland and was registered A72 and owned by David M Andrew, Stonehaven. She was one of the smartest and well-maintained boats in the local fleet. In summer she worked the seine net and in winter the great lines. During the mid-sixties she was involved in the "First Drift Net War" between the salmon drift net boats and the white fish trawlers, who started netting "red fish" off the Angus and Kincardinshire coast.

When built SCOTCH LASS had a 66hp Kelvin and on one occasion she broke free from her moorings and "went up on the rocks" at the back of the pier at Stonehaven and had the bottom knocked out of her. She was taken north for repairs.
In 1958 she was fitted with a Miller seine winch, and in 1970 a Macduff coiler. Her engine was replaced with a 105hp Perkins, giving her a speed of 8 knots. She carried 340 gallons of fuel. In the 1970s she was offered for sale for 6,850.
In 1969 the Andrew's family sold SCOTCH LASS and replaced her with the James Noble, Fraserburgh built TRUSTFUL A74.
SCOTCH LASS was then sold to Campbeltown owner Duncan McConnachie and in 1973 sold again to Ellis O Cemlyn-Jones, Penmaenmawr.
Her new owners have spent a lot of time replacing parts of her hull and now she can be seen at various events around the Irish Sea.

Title: Scotch Lass
Record Type: Boats
Type: Fishing Boat
Date of Registration: 1953
Registration: SY 597
Record Maintained By: CEBL
Subject Id: 39838