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HMS Hector

HMS Hector

HMS Hector was built by Scotts Shipbuilding & Engineering, Greenock and was a passenger ship of Hector of the Alfred Holt & Co, Liverpool. It was was requisitioned by the Admiralty on 27 August 1939 and converted to an armed merchant cruiser. Conversion was completed on 20 December 1939.

Tonnage: 11198 BRT
Armament: 6x 152mm, 2x 76mm
Speed: 15.5 knots

January 40 - July 40: New Zealand Station
August 40 - February 42: East Indies Station
March 42 - April 42: Eastern Fleet (Indian Ocean)

On 5 April 1942 she was drydocked in Colombo, Ceylon (present day Sri Lanka) for decommissioning. Bombed & severely hit in the Japanese carrier attack against the harbour of Colombo, caught fire and was abandoned.
Condemned after survey and broken up on the beach.


Title: HMS Hector
Record Type: Boats
Type: Armed Merchant Cruiser
Date Launched: 18-06-1924
Record Maintained By: CEBL
Subject Id: 58550