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Cromore School, Pairc

Cromore School, Pairc

The new Public School at Cromore, replacing the old thatched school, was built in the late 1870s on the strength of the Education Act of 1872, to accommodate children from Cromore, Crobeg and Torostay.

Upon the school opening on 16 June 1879, John Cumming (Rogart) was appointed Headmaster. He transferred to Fidigarry the following year. Successive early appointments were:

Alex M Morrison (Barvas, born 1853), 26.04.1880. His sister Chirsty was sewing mistress.

Robert Garry (Midlothian), 01.07.1881

Isabella Campbell (Dunvegan), 01.11.1882

John Smith (Balallan), 01.08.1884

Johanna Macdonald (Barra), 02.02.1887

William Bruce (Kildonan), 01.09.1891

John Macdougall (Tiree), 01.11.1892

Catherine Sinclair (Glasgow), 01.08.1895

Catherine Flora Macdonald (Leurbost), 01.04.1896

Angus MacSween (Leurbost), 01.08.1896 (Died on 23.01.1897)

Katie M Pope, 16.06.1897 (Aberdeen Free Church Training College appointed June 1897, started on July 16, but left immediately without giving notice.)

Alexander Polson (Barra), 01.10.1897

J Campbell (Point) 01.03.1899

Alex Falconer (Leurbost) 01.10.1900

Hector Bruce (Golspie) 01.07.1902 (Retired on pension, August 1918)

The school closed in 1972, when the pupils transferred to the new Pairc Primary School at Gravir.

Pairc Historical Society holds a collection of school pictures.

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