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Sandwickhill School

Sandwickhill School

Sandwickhill School was a primary school located in East Street, Stornoway. 

Following a census of Sandwickhill children in 1873, the School Board of Stornoway scheduled the provision of a new school, for girls and boys, for the area. The school was formally opened in 1st April 1880, with accommodation for 160 children.

At the time  the teacher in charge, William Fraser, was employed on a temporary basis; he was appointed on a permanent basis in August 1880. The full list of head teachers comprises:
William Fraser 1880-1923
Duncan Macdonald 1924-1938
Donald Matheson 1938-1957
John Smith 1958-1970
Kenneth Macleod 1970-1980
Alice Maciver 1981-2007
Anne Macleod 2007-2009
Calum Maclean 2010-2012

Sandwickhill School closed on 29th June 2012. The closure was marked by the publication of its history, Bun Sgoil Chnoc Shanndabhaig: Sandwickhill School 1880-2012

The school's archive is deposited with Tasglann nan Eilean, and school photographs with Stornoway Historical Society archive and Sandwick Community Council.

A satellite image of Sandwickhill School can be viewed here.


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