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13 North Tolsta

13 North Tolsta

13 North Tolsta was a newly lotted croft in 1851; the first occupants were Torquil Macleod, Ann Maciver and at least one of their children: Gormelia. Gormelia became a cottar at 13 North Tolsta.

In 1871, after Torquil's death, the croft was split: 13a North Tolsta went to his grandson Donald and 13b North Tolsta to his son-in-law Angus Campbell.

The croft is still split today.

Angus Campbell and Gormelia Macleod were cottars at 13 North Tolsta. The couple had four children: Christina, Murdo, Margaret and Ann. In 1871 13 North Tolsta was split and the family obtained 13b North Tolsta.   


Title: 13 North Tolsta
Record Type: Crofts and Residences
Type: Croft
Date Lotted: 1851
Record Maintained By: CET
Subject Id: 103871