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13a North Tolsta

13a North Tolsta

After Torquil Macleod's death in 1871, 13 North Tolsta was split into two crofts, 13a and 13b. 13a passed to his grandson, Donald Macleod, and 13b was given to his son-in-law, Angus Campbell.

Donald Macleod  was married to Mary Maciver and the couple had one child prior to the creation of 13a North Tolsta, they had a further three children there. In due course 13a North Tolsta passed to their son in law, Kenneth MacIver.

Kenneth Maciver was married to Ann Macleod; the couple had no family and in due course 13a North Tolsta passed to Ann's grand-nephew: Alexander Maclean.

Alexander Maclean never married and passed 13a North Tolsta to his nephew, who built a house on a feu on the common grazing which he named Sonas. By 2021, Sonas has changed hands four times (and still has 13A in its address on the CnES's Master Address Database) but croft 13A is tenanted by another local man, the son of a first cousin of Alexander.


Title: 13a North Tolsta
Record Type: Crofts and Residences
Type: Croft
Date Lotted: 1871
Record Maintained By: CET
Subject Id: 103872