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32b School Road, North Tolsta

32b School Road, North Tolsta

The site occupied by 32b School Road, North Tolsta was originally the location of a cottar's house, built by Alexander Macdonald for his brother Murdo, from 32 North Tolsta: this house was known as 32b North Tolsta. Around 1982, the original house at School Road was largely demolished and a new bungalow was built.

The first occupants of 32b School Road were Murdo Macdonald and Mary Maciver. The couple had three sons. After Murdo's death his widow married Kenneth Maciver, of 43  North Tolsta, and moved to Stornoway.

32b School Road, North Tolsta passed to Murdo's brother John.

John Macdonald had married twice; his first wife was dead by the time he obtained 32b North Tolsta. John had a son with his first wife, who died the night her son was born: John Murdo. John's second wife was Mary Maciver, the couple had no children together.

The house was then sold to David Lawson, of Dunvegan, Skye, and Mary Ann Macdonald, of 51 North Tolsta. The couple had three children before returning to Dunvegan, Skye.

The house was sold to a man from Tolsta. Only the front and back walls were retained and the new bungalow was created.


Title: 32b School Road, North Tolsta
Record Type: Crofts and Residences
Gaelic Name: Taigh Shearraidh
Type: Feu
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Subject Id: 104017