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18 Kirkibost

18 Kirkibost

18 Kirkibost is located on either side of the road to Rubha Ghlais (number 19), and between East Loch Roag and numbers 17 and 19. The first tenant after resettlement was Malcolm Smith, "Calum Ruadh". The croft was sold in the late 1990s but the house remains in the possession of the family.

Extract from "A History of Kirkibost" by Chrissie Bell (Morrison) Maclean, writing of her grandfather:

...When the Smiths were allocated 18 Kirkibost they had to build a dwelling house. My grandfather (Donald) was a fine stone-mason. The house he built is still standing as proof. The stone work is a work of art. My uncle Norman told me that they got the stone for the building from an old dwelling that was on the croft when they came there. There was also enough stone to build the walls of the Leas Mor or big garden near the house. I asked him about the older dwelling and he said it had thick walls with cavities or ledges which were used for sleeping. It is a pity such a dwelling was not preserved, but people were more intent on survival then than on preserving history.

Title: 18 Kirkibost
Record Type: Crofts and Residences
Gaelic Name: 18 Circebost
Type: Croft
Grid Ref Easting: 118918
Grid Ref Northing: 934065
Date Lotted: 1805
Record Maintained By: CEBL
Subject Id: 1404