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13 Arivruach

13 Arivruach

John Macsween (1810-1888) moved from 39 Balallan in c1850 to this croft. The family emigrated to Ontario, Canada in 1852.

The next tenant was Murdo Macdonald (1815-1905) who moved from Crowlista, Uig. They emigrated to Quebec, Canada in 1865.

Malcolm Buchanan (1919-1989) moved from 7 Mangersta, Uig to settle on the croft.


Title: 13 Arivruach
Record Type: Crofts and Residences
Gaelic Name: 13 Airidhbhruaich
Type: Croft
Grid Ref Easting: 125147
Grid Ref Northing: 917468
Record Maintained By: CECL
Subject Id: 21625