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Seaside Cottage, Keose Glebe

Seaside Cottage, Keose Glebe

The original house on this site was built by Angus Smith (1856-1934) who had been brought up in Cleasgro.

In the days before stability of tenure for crofters, he built his house below the high water mark, which meant that he did not pay rent and could not be evicted.

His daughter Isabella (1899-1980) and her husband moved from Glasgow in 1935 and rebuilt the house which had fallen into disrepair.

Title: Seaside Cottage, Keose Glebe
Record Type: Crofts and Residences
Type: House
Grid Ref Easting: 135908
Grid Ref Northing: 921677
Record Maintained By: CECL
Subject Id: 35939