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Bha fuil do chuirp chubhraidh

Bha fuil do chuirp chubhraidh

The words and translation of this waulking song are taken from Carmina Gadelica. The song was composed by Nic Còiseam for her foster-son Donald MacDonald, Mac Iain mhic Sheumais, and tells of the injuries he sustained at the Battle of Carinish.

‘Bha fuil do chuirp chubhraidh
A drudhadh thromh 'n anart,
Bha mi fein ga sughadh
Go’n do thuch air m’anail.’


The blood of thy fragrant body
Was soaking through the linen,
I myself was sucking it
Till my breath became hoarse.

A recording of the song by Reverend William Matheson is available on the Tobar an Dualchais website.


Title: Bha fuil do chuirp chubhraidh
Record Type: Gaelic Verse
Date: 1601
Record Maintained By: CGTNT
Subject Id: 109720