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Battle of Jutland

Battle of Jutland

The Battle of Jutland (31-05-1916) was the largest Naval battle of WW1. It was fought in the North Sea near Jutland, the mainland of Denmark by the Kaiserliche Marine's High Seas Fleet (commanded by Vice Admiral Reinhard Scheer) and the Royal Navy's Grand Fleet (commanded by Admiral Sir John Jellicoe). The German objective was to destroy the British naval blockade of the North Sea and permit the German mercantile shipping to operate again.

The German plan was to lure Vice Admiral Sir David Beatty's Battlecruiser squadrons into the path of the main German battle fleet and destroy them, but the British were aware that a major fleet operation was likely, so on 30th May Admiral Jellicoe sailed to rendezvous with Beatty.
On 31st May the two fleets, numbering 250 ships, clashed with huge loss of life- eleven German, and fourteen British ships were sunk.

Both sides claimed victory - the British had lost more ships and sailors but the German objective had failed. Although Germany was a continuing threat in the North Sea they never gained control.

Lewismen on ships that sank during the battle.

  • HMS Invincible had at least twelve Lewismen aboard when she sank, these included: John Macarthur, of 8 Cromore; John Macleod and Murdo Murray, of North Tolsta. More information can be found at the North Tolsta Historical Society World War One website.
  • HMS Queen Mary sank taking the life of Roderick Macdonald, of 9 Gravir.

Lewismen on ships that survived the battle.

  • HMS Broke survived its collision with the HMS Sparrowhawk, but crewmember Angus Maciver, of 33 North Tolsta, was killed during the collision.
  • HMS Galatea and survived the battle as did Kenneth Campbell, of 54 North Tolsta.
  • HMS Inconstant survived, but crew member, Norman Maciver, of 25 Valtos, was killed.




Title: Battle of Jutland
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Date: 31-05-1916
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