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Work Crew at Bernera Bridge

Work Crew at Bernera Bridge

A group of workmen sitting on the edge of The Bernera Bridge

Standing l-r K.J. Smith 1 Earshader, Iain Macdonald 3 Earshader, Bus driver Stornoway, Angus Mackenzie West Earshader, Alex Ruadh (joiner) Stornoway, Bill Eadie Earshader, Donald Stewart (driver) Stornoway, D W Mackenzie 13 Hacklete, John Macdonald West Earshader, Calum Macdonald 5 Breaclete, Malcolm Macdonald 3 Earshader.

Sitting l-r ?, ?, ?, ?, John Macdonald 3 Hacklete, Angus Maciver 1 Tobson, John Maciver 14 Tobson, Murdo Macdonald 16 Tobson, Alex Beag (driver) Stornoway, Donald John? Tobson, Kenneth Macdonald 3 Hacklete, John Murdo Stornoway, Donald Maclennan 3 Kirkibost, Angus Macdonald 2 Earshader

Work Crew at Bernera Bridge
Filename: B_Ea_02_0028_bp.jpg
Record Maintained By: CEBL
Subject Id: 82957
Originator: Unknown
Date: 1950s