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Bernera Herring girls

Bernera Herring girls

A formal photograph of six of the Bernera "Herring girls"

Back l-r: Catherine Macaulay, "Catriona Dhomhnaill Iain ic Amhlaidh", 17 Kirkibost and 1 Hacklete, Catherine Macaulay, "Catriona an Arcaich", 10 Hacklete and Flora Macdonald, "Floraidh Chaluim Mhurchaidh Chaluim", 7 Croir.

Front l-r: Peggy Mackay nee Macdonald, 10 Tobson, Ishbel Macaulay, "Ishbel Larraidh", 21 Kirkibost and Margaret Macdonald, "Mairead Tochaidh", 8 Hacklete

Bernera Herring girls
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