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Cromore School, 1953

Cromore School, 1953

Back row, left to right: Mary Macleod, Teacher, 28 Cromore; William Macleod, Mission House, Cromore; Neil Kennedy, 1 Cromore; Roddy Mackenzie, 19 Cromore; Duncan Macleod, 5 Cromore; Roddy and Alex Macarthur, 8 Cromore; Angus Mackinnon, 13 Cromore; John Angus Macleod, Cliff Cottage, Cromore; Roddy J Macleod, 11 Cromore.

Second row, left to right: Ann Macleod, Mission House, Cromore; Muriel Macaulay, 22 Cromore; Joan Morrison, 32 Caros, Cromore; Dolina and Cathie Mackinnon, 13 Cromore; Agnes Macarthur, 3 Cromore; Cathie M Ross, 19 Cromore; Ann Macarthur, 8 Cromore.

Third row, left to right: Chrissie Smith, 15 Cromore; Ann C Macleod, Cliff Cottage, Cromore; Bell Smith, 34 Caros, Cromore; Barbara Mackenzie, 6 Cromore; Annabell Mackinnon, 13 Cromore; Ishbel Mackinnon, 12 Cromore; Joan Macarthur, 8 Cromore.

Front row, left to right: Calum Mackenzie, 6 Cromore; Sandy Macleod, 4 Cromore; John A Mackenzie, 6 Cromore; Kenneth Kennedy, 1 Cromore; Donald J Macleod, 4 Cromore; Calum Macleod, Mission House, Cromore; Ivor Macarthur, Post Office, Cromore.

Cromore School, 1953
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