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Bothan Chlann ic Phail

Bothan Chlann ic Phail

Bothan Chlann 'ic Phail is on the headland called Maol nam Both. When excavations were carried out at these boths the following details were found:

Two apartments (separate buildings) consisting of a long narrow building approximately thirty feet long (internal measurements); two apartments, the East one eight feet square and the West one five feet square. A very low passage five feet long connects the two apartments. Another passage eight feet long leads into the larger compartment on its East side.

There are the remains of a retaining wall running across the island separating the headland on which the boths are built from the rest of the island. These boths were built in the same fashion as the Teampull, and are supposed to be the ruins of two monk cells and probably a primitive monastery on consecrated ground.


Title: Bothan Chlann ic Phail
Record Type: Historical/ Archaeological Sites
Gaelic Name: Bothan Chlann ic Phail
Type: Monastery
Record Maintained By: CEBL
Subject Id: 18594