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ECC 14 Eilean Chalium Cille

ECC 14 Eilean Chalium Cille


ENCLOSURE (Crofting to Modern - 1850 AD to 2050 AD)
SHEEP FOLD (Crofting to Modern - 1850 AD to 2050 AD)
SHEEP DIP (Crofting to Modern - 1850 AD to 2050 AD)
Sheep enclosure


NB 38516 21024

Full description:

"Situated on the south-east facing slopes above the chapel on the southern side of Eilean Chalium Cille, the remains of this rectangular, drystone enclosure measure 14 metres from north to south and 8 metres from east to west. Surviving as stone walls only on its west and east sides there is every indication that the north and south sides of this enclosure were originally formed of wire fences. A concrete sheep dip bath has been constructed in the north-western corner of the enclosure. This enclosure was built during the 20th century for the purpose of stock management and sheep dipping. The current land owner - Mr Charles MacLead - remembers (and has photographs) of his father using the feature for this purpose. Examination of the surviving walls shows no signs of any earlier structure or enclosure underlying the current feature. The remains of an earlier wall (15.1) can be seen running away to the south from the south-east corner, but this seems to be unrelated except by spatial relationship. It seems likely, however, that much of the stone for the construction of this enclosure came from the wall (15.1) as it is particularly heavily robbed in the vicinity of the enclosure." (Burgess 2004, 84- 85)


Chris Burgess, Northamptonshire Archaeology. 2004. Northamptonshire Archaeology Archaeological Survey and Evaluation of Eilean Chalium Chille and the Putative Site of the Seaforth Head Castle. Part No Loch Seaforth Head Gazeteer.


Information provided by Western Isles Council Sites & Monuments Record, January 2006.


Title: ECC 14 Eilean Chalium Cille
Record Type: Historical/ Archaeological Sites
Type: Enclosure
Period: Crofting (1850-1950 AD)
SMR Record ID: MWE144714
Grid Ref Northing: 921024
Grid Ref Easting: 138516
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 31926