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ECC 33.14 Cromore (25)

ECC 33.14 Cromore (25)


BLACK HOUSE (Post Medieval to Crofting - 1540 AD to 1950 AD)
HOUSE (Post Medieval to Crofting - 1540 AD to 1950 AD)
COW HOUSE (Post Medieval to Crofting - 1540 AD to 1950 AD)
LONGHOUSE (Post Medieval to Crofting - 1540 AD to 1950 AD)


NB 40263 21117

Full description:

"Situated on the high ground above the eastern shore of Loch Cromore, on croft 25, the remains of this blackhouse measure 9 x 6 metres and are orientated from west to east. Standing to 1.5 metres high the walls are constructed of stone faces with an earthen core. A single entrance may be seen at the centre of the southern wall and internally there are no obvious signs of internal partitions that would indicate internal division of space. There are indications that the western wall was inserted, shortening the house, possibly during a phase of re-use or after a wall collapse. Beyond this western wall the outline of the remaining building can be seen measuring 6 x 5 metres. Had this originally been part of the larger house to the east the overall dimensions of the building would have been 15 x 6 metres. A single entrance can be seen in the footings of this abandoned building located at the eastern end of the southern wall. This would be perfectly located to give access to a byre in the larger structure, and probably was the original entrance to the whole building before it was shortened. A second building, probably a barn (33.15) is located immediately to the north." (Burgess 2004, 119-120)


Chris Burgess, Northamptonshire Archaeology. 2004. Northamptonshire Archaeology Archaeological Survey and Evaluation of Eilean Chalium Chille and the Putative Site of the Seaforth Head Castle. Part No Loch Seaforth Head Gazeteer.


Information provided by Western Isles Council Sites & Monuments Record, January 2006.


Title: ECC 33.14 Cromore (25)
Record Type: Historical/ Archaeological Sites
Type: House
Period: Crofting (1850-1950 AD)
SMR Record ID: MWE144786
Grid Ref Northing: 921117
Grid Ref Easting: 140263
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 31996