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Benside, Lewis

Benside, Lewis

Benside is part of Newmarket, a village on the northern outskirts of Stornoway.

Benside and the remainder of Newmarket share one croft numbering system, and Benside crofts are sometimes referred to as Newmarket crofts. For example, 11 Benside and 11 Newmarket are the same croft, which is called 11 Newmarket (Benside) on this website, and is linked to the Newmarket record.

Only biographical records for people whose address in Benside is not known are linked to this record using a 'Lived At' relationship.


Title: Benside, Lewis
Record Type: Locations
Gaelic Name: Beinn na Saighde
Type: Village/Township
Grid Ref Easting: 141766
Grid Ref Northing: 935574
Record Maintained By: HC
Subject Id: 18600