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Isle of Scarp, Harris

Isle of Scarp, Harris

Scarp is a small island, without permanent habitation since 1970, situated to the west of Hushinish on Harris.

The island, which once supported (albeit precariously) some 200 residents, is over 300 metres high, with an area of flat ground suitable for cultivation on the Hushinish side. While only a shallow, narrow channel links the island to Harris, it is frequently impassable due to strong currents.

Scarp was the site of Gerhard Zucker's experimental Rocket Post. The day the rocket was first launched, 28 July 1934, became known as Latha na Rocait.

Title: Isle of Scarp, Harris
Record Type: Locations
Gaelic Name: An Sgarp
Type: Island
Grid Ref Easting: 97038
Grid Ref Northing: 915025
Record Maintained By: HC
Subject Id: 19411