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Reithmir, Valtos

Reithmir, Valtos

Reithmir is situated at the top of Valtos, above the current village on hilly ground near the school. The road falls away through Gleann Dubh to the crossroads and the pier, and to the south the fields slope down towards Loch Trialavat.

The area now contains only ruins but until the 1920s was inhabited until about 1921. The houses belonged to landless cottars and were just beyond the Valtos crofts, which radiated uphill from the harbour. Many of the cottars moved to the newly-lotted village of Reef.

There is also a well at Reithmir. More images of the ruins at Reithmir are here.

Title: Reithmir, Valtos
Record Type: Locations
Also Known As: Raimer
Type: Clachan
Grid Ref Easting: 108901
Grid Ref Northing: 936388
Record Maintained By: CEU
Subject Id: 38894