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Little Bernera, Lewis

Little Bernera, Lewis

From Place-names of Lewis and Harris by D Maciver F.E.I.S:

Little Bernera was at the beginning of the Norse occupation called Kiallasaigh, the island of the cells or temples. There were two of them, Saint Donan and saint Michael's. This island was cut into two islands by the action of the sea, with the result that the small section set adrift carried the original name, Kiallasaigh, but left the temples to the main portion along with the cemetery. This portion is now Little Bernera.

Little Bernera is situated opposite the north end of Great Bernera. It is roughly 1 mile by half a mile. It was inhabited until the 1840's and the houses were all clustered around the 'tack house' on the southern shore.

It is a very beautiful island with long sandy beaches on the north side and a rocky southern shore. The cemetery was used until the beginning of the 20th century, and there are many ancient graves there. Unfortunately erosion is taking its toll and parts are collapsing into the sea.

It is very fertile and stock can be pastured there over winter. The grazing belongs to the villages of Breaclete and Hacklete.

Title: Little Bernera, Lewis
Record Type: Locations
Gaelic Name: Beàrnaraigh Bheag; Bearnaraigh Bheag; Bearnaraigh Beag; Bhearnaraidh Bheag
Type: Island
Grid Ref Easting: 114344
Grid Ref Northing: 941012
Record Maintained By: CEBL
Subject Id: 801