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Author: Angus Smith and other members of Comunn Eachdraidh Cheann a' Loch (Kinloch Historical Society)

Gleanings incorporates the results of detailed research into family histories, agriculture, industries, schools, churches, military service and traditions in the Kinloch area, which includes the villages of Keose and Keose Glebe, Laxay, Arivruach, Balallan and Sheildinish, together with other smaller settlements in the area. 

Originally published in book form and now out of print, Gleanings has been divided into four PDFs, organised by village. Each PDF includes a complete set of family histories for every croft and residence in the village

1. Aridhbhruaich, Kintarvie, Sheildinish & Seaforth Head

2. Balallan

3. Laxay

4. Soval,  Keose Glebe & Keose


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