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Shoemaker's File

Shoemaker's File

Catalogue No. UIG_2004_0021_013

Object Name


English: Shoemakers File

Object Description/History:

Iron file - rusty with 4 separate filing/rasp surfaces.

Maker/Made at:

User/Used at: Grasabhaig and Gleann Ruadh, Geshader by shoemaker

Donor Information: Angus Macdonald 13 Carishader, tools used by his father
Donald Macdonald, The Geshader Shoemaker.


Location: Uig Museum Date: 24.02.04:

Overall size: (millimetres)

Length: 230mm

Width: 24mm

Height: 5mm



Title: Shoemaker's File
Record Type: Objects and Artefacts
Type: Shoemaker Tools
Period: 20th century
Record Maintained By: CEU
Subject Id: 11971