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Alexander Finlayson

Alexander Finlayson

Alexander (1884-1969) was the eldest son of Alexander Finlayson and Annabella Macleod, Ardroil Farm. After leaving Crowlista School he worked in the shop at Ardroil Farm and then went to Manchester to work for the wholesale firm which supplied the shop. By 1910, he had emigrated to Adelaide, Australia. He served in the First World War in the Australian Army as a driver in France, where he sustained a wound. During the war he came back once to Ardroil on leave and that was his last visit.

Alexander married twice. His first wife Elsie passed away aged 32 from tuberculosis. He had one daughter Stella Isobel and two sons Alister Ronald and Garth Hamilton from the first marriage.  His secound wife was Vera Agnes Low with whom he had a third son Rex.  There may have been one or two additional sons from the second marriage.

He died at Norwood, South Australia.


Title: Alexander Finlayson
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Ailig Alasdair Fhionnlasdan
Also Known As: Alick
Date of Birth: 07-09-1884
Date of Death: 27-05-1969
Occupation: Salesman
Sex: Male
Record Maintained By: CEU
Subject Id: 105765