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Christina MacRuairi

Christina MacRuairi

Christina was the legitimate daughter of Allan MacRuairi, and inherited his lands following his death. She later passed the bulk of the lands to her half-brother Ruairi.

Christina married Duncan of Mar, with whom she had at least one child. Duncan's sister Isabella was the first wife of Robert the Bruce, with whom Christina developed a strong friendship. In 1306 Robert was crowned as King of Scots, continuing the campaign to free Scotland from English occupation. Early defeats meant that he was forced to spend the winter of 1306-07 as a fugitive. The historian John of Fordun states that it was in the Hebrides that Bruce took refuge, and that it was with the assistance of Christina MacRuairi that he was able to survive.

From a later charter (dated 1389), it is known that Christina granted Teampall na Trianaid in North Uist to the Augustinian Abbey at Inchaffray in Perthshire. The Abbot of Inchaffray, Maurice, was another of Robert's supporters.


Title: Christina MacRuairi
Record Type: People
Sex: Female
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