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Marion Macleod

Marion Macleod

Marion (1897-1978) was a daughter of Angus Macleod and Christina Macdonald, 18 Crowlista. She moved with her family to 8 Crowlista. When she left school she was a pupil teacher in Crowlista School when Malcolm MacLeod was headteacher.

Marion married John Maciver, 10 Crowlista and they lived there. When Marion's parents became elderly and could not manage Marion and John moved with their family to number 8. After the death of the parents, their son Peter assumed tenancy but he transferred it to Marion's husband John.

John and Marion settled there with their five children.


Title: Marion Macleod
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Mor Aonghais Tharmoid
Also Known As: Mor Ruadh
Date of Birth: 14-04-1897
Date of Death: 1978
Sex: Female
Record Maintained By: CEU
Subject Id: 110860