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Catherine Nicolson

Catherine Nicolson

Catherine (born 1811) was the daughter of Donald Nicolson and Gormelia Murray; it is not clear if they were living in Ulbost at the time of her birth; someone with her father's name does appear on the subtenants list of 1807.

In  1814 the family obtained 16 Old Melbost, Borve as a newly lotted croft. It is not clear if they actually moved or if this was exactly the same plot they had occupied when the location was known as Ulbost.

She married Murdo Macleod, of Old South Galson Tack, and the couple possibly settled on Old South Galson Tack and had their first three children.

By 1841 the settlement on the Tack had become known as Old South Galson and the family were recorded in the census at 7 Old South Galson; they had a further three children there.

In 1845 the family emigrated to Canada and settled in Winslow Township where they had a further six children.


Title: Catherine Nicolson
Record Type: People
Date of Birth: 1811
Sex: Female
Record Maintained By: CEN
Subject Id: 118724