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Angus Macrae

Angus Macrae

Angus (born 1878) was a son of John Macrae and Isabella Montgomery, 5 Habost. In Glasgow in 1905 he married Catherine Macleod, 9b Laxay. Angus and Catherine settled at 79 Cartvale Street, Glasgow. The following is a tribute to him after his retirement from the City of Glasgow Police.

Lieutenant Angus Macrae of Lochs retires from Glasgow Police.

A fine tribute to the esteem in which Lieutenant Angus Macrae was held by his comrades in the Criminal Investigation Department of Glasgow Police, is to be found in a splendid testimonial which was made to him on the occasion of his retirement the other day.

A representative company of members of the department waited on him at his home in Lochleven Road, Langside, and presented him with a five valve wireless set in the name of the detective officers of the city and as a token of their good wishes.

Mr. Macrae completed over thirty years service in the Glasgow Police Force when he retired a few months ago, during the main part of which he was on the detective staff. He joined the Glasgow Police out of the 17th Lancers (the "Death or Glory Boys") in April 1903, the South African War, in which he had served throughout being then terminated. Ten years afterwards he was appointed a member of the Detective Department in the Southern Division; at the end of another seven years he was promoted to the rank of Detective Sergeant in the Headquarters staff; in 1922 he was promoted to Detective Inspector, and just one year after that he was promoted to Detective Lieutenant at Headquarters. On the reorganisation of the Police Force by Chief Constable Sillitoe he was transferred to the Southern Division in charge of the combined Detective Staff of both the Southern and Queen's Park when they were thus amalgamated.

During his connection with the Criminal Investigation Department, Mr. Macrae has had charge of the enquiries in many notable and difficult cases, and he has often been complimented by these concerned on his tact, care and ability. He is a native of the parish of Lochs, Lewis to which, we might mention, he makes a point of visiting each summer. However he is making his home in Glasgow for family reasons.

In this connection we might add that Mr. Macrae has had the great satisfaction of seeing just last Saturday his son, John A Macrae, capped M.A with Honours at the Graduation Ceremony in Glasgow University. This is the second member of his family to achieve this distinction.


Extract from Stornoway Gazette 10 November 1933

Title: Angus Macrae
Record Type: People
Also Known As: Aonghas an Louis
Date of Birth: 1878
Date of Marriage: 09-06-1905
Occupation: Police
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEP 1711
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 12565