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John Macnaughton

John Macnaughton

The Macnaughtons were shepherds from the West of Scotland, and had settled in Cleite Thog by 1814.

"The list of all persons from 12 years and upwards in the parish of Uig in 1821 distinguishing such as have been educated, from the unlearned" (James Chapman; Seaforth papers) showed John Macnaughton at Cleite Thog. There were 4 males and 1 female in the household ("persons educated of 12 years and above").

John was married to Janet Mackinlay and amongst their children were:

James (married Margaret Macdonald, Gisla)

John (married Annabella Maciver, Erista, in 1833; second marriage Catherine Macdonald in 1835)

Peggy (married John Maclean, Erista, in 1833)


Title: John Macnaughton
Record Type: People
Sex: Male
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