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Frank A Paul

Frank A Paul

Frank A Paul (1909-1965), Am Fasgadh, Keose

Dr Paul had studied medicine, becoming a LRCP and LRCS at Edinburgh University and then LRCPS at Glasgow University. He also gained his DPH there in 1940. He became the resident Medical Officer at Mearnskirk and Ruchill Hospitals in Glasgow and a consultant chest physician with the Manchester Regional Hospital Board before he became the first Superintendent and TB Officer in charge of the County Hospital in December 1949.

He brought his family to Keose shortly afterwards.


Title: Frank A Paul
Record Type: People
Date of Birth: 19-10-1909
Date of Death: 19-04-1965
Date of Marriage: 29-09-1945
Occupation: Doctor
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CECL 3268
Record Maintained By: CECL
Subject Id: 13913