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Donald Morrison

Donald Morrison

Donald (born 1866) was a son of John Morrison and Mary Mackay, 9 Calbost.  

He married Peggy Macinnes, 2 Lemreway.  Donald and Peggy lived at 9 Calbost and they had eleven children.  At that time there were six other families living on the croft.  

Donald Morrison and his brother  Neil Morrison were among the five raiders from Calbost that land raided Steimreway in 1922. After the accident that resulted in the drowning of the two young sons of Donald and Neil, four of the five Calbost land raiders withdrew but Donald Morrison's family built a new house and settled in Steimreway in1923.



Title: Donald Morrison
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Domhnall 'an Mhurchaidh
Date of Birth: 11-04-1866
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEP 2381
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 23424