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Murdo Macleod

Murdo Macleod

Murdo (born 1903) was a  son of Donald Macleod and Isabella Macdonald, 2 Enaclete and later 1 Enaclete. He emigrated to the United States. Murdo worked at The Ford River Rouge Complex at Dearborn, Michigan. He was also a Quartermaster in the American Mercantile Marine, sailing mostly on freighters on The Great Lakes.

In 1932, in Detroit, Michigan, Murdo married Peggy Maclennan from 13 Scarp. They returned to Lewis and lived at 2 Enaclete and their son was born in Scarp. They rented 8 Carishader as there was a large family at 2 Enaclete. Murdo returned to work in Detroit and got news of Peggy's death, when their son was only three years old.

Murdo's second wife was Mary Macritchie, 2 Mangersta and they lived at 15 Morrison Avenue, Stornoway. They had one daughter.

Murdo was employed as a millworker in Stornoway, where he remained until his retirement.



Title: Murdo Macleod
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Murchadh Dhomhnaill Oig
Also Known As: Murdanie
Date of Birth: 22-06-1903
Date of Marriage: 22-09-1932
Occupation: Mill worker; Quartermaster
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEU 766
Record Maintained By: CEU
Subject Id: 28086