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Kenneth K Macleod

Kenneth K Macleod

Captain Kenneth Kennedy Macleod MC born in 1870, joined the 1st Seaforth Highlanders in 1892 after serving his joiner's apprenticeship with the Stornoway firm of Archibald Macrae. He was promoted to Lance Corporal within 8 months of him joining the Army. In 1894 he was promoted to Corporal and in 1897 he was promoted to Sergeant, to Colour Sergeant in 1901, Warrant Officer in 1911 and Lieutenant and Quartermaster in 1914. Later on in 1914 he was promoted to Captain.

He saw service in Crete, Egypt, Sudan and India. He commanded "B" Company of the 7th Seaforths in the attack on Hohenzollern Redout in 1915 where he was wounded by a bullet which passed through his arm and entered his body again above the left hip where it lodged. Notwithstanding, he continued to lead his men until he was struck down by a rifle bullet which passed through his head, entering an inch behind the right eye and coming out a little lower on the left.

He lay on the field in the rain for twelve hours before he was accidentally found and carried to a dressing station. For his gallantry on that occasion he was awarded the British Service MedalMilitary Cross.

Captain Kenneth was a crack shot. He held the marksman's championship of Egypt and the Mediterranean in 1901. He held the Scottish Army championship in 1912 and was the best shot in the 7th Seaforth at Borden in 1915. He also won many competitions in India and at home and his trophies comprise of six gold and two silver medals, besides cups etc.

He acted as a sniper in France using the telescopic sighted rifle with great effect. Not only was he considered to be one of the best shots but also one of the best instructors in the British Army.

He recovered from his wounds and survived to become a Free Presbyterian Gospel Missionary at Achmore, Lochs.


Title: Kenneth K Macleod
Record Type: People
Date of Birth: 14-03-1870
Date of Death: 1933
Date of Marriage: 12-11-1900
Occupation: Soldier; Missionary
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEP 2875
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 29331