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Norman Mackenzie

Norman Mackenzie

Norman, born in 1925, was a son of John and Murdina nee Macdonald from 8 Breaclete. He moved to Glasgow where he joined the police, married Lena from Baleshare, North Uist and had three of a family. After retirement he bought the croft at 9 Kirkibost from his cousin John Macdonald's widow and built a house there.

The following, from the Stornoway Gazette of 10 April 2003, was submitted by Aonghas Chaluim Mhurchaidh Nocs:

Norman Mackenzie - The sudden passing of Norman Mackenzie of 9 Kirkibost on March 19 at the age of 78 came as a shock to all who knew him. Although he had suffered indifferent health for quite some time, his passing was completely unexpected.

Norman, who was brought up at 8 Breaclete, spent most of his youth weaving tweed for a living. He served in the Royal Navy during the Second World War, and then returned home to resume his previous occupation. Norman was also often seen on the seashore picking winkles, when he was not in the weaving shed. In 1954 Norman left Bernera for Glasgow, where he joined the police force, eventually attaining the rank of sergeant. He married Lena, and together they raised a family of twin boys and a girl.

Norman fell under the influence of the gospel quite early in life, and served for many years as an elder in Gardner Street Church of Scotland, alongside his compatriot, the late Angus Alick Macdonald of 17 Tobson. When Norman retired from the force, he and Lena, together with son Iain, came home in 1985 to live on Bernera, residing in a newly-built house at 9 Kirkibost. He soon settled into rural life again, becoming an integral part of the village of Kirkibost, and like so many of his fellow villagers, took up working the croft, his main occupation being the keeping of sheep.

Norman became an elder in the Church of Scotland, and he went about his duties faithfully and conscientiously. He loved to visit the parishioners, and was particularly attentive to those who, through age or infirmity, were unable to attend church.

His passing leaves a void in our island which cannot be filled, and he will be much missed, not only by family and friends, but by all those of us who were used to meeting him in various places around Bernera, and indeed we will miss seeing him on the road, as he was so often to be seen out in his car. The heartfelt sympathy of the community is extended to Norman's widow, Lena, and also to his sons, Iain and Donald, and daughter, Christine, and we also remember his five grandchildren who meant so much to him.

Title: Norman Mackenzie
Record Type: People
Also Known As: Tormod Tom
Date of Birth: 22-01-1925
Date of Death: 19-03-2003
Occupation: Police
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEBL 2131
Record Maintained By: CEBL
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