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Effie Macaulay

Effie Macaulay

Effie (Oighrig Mhorgain) was born in Bragar and was second wife to Peter Maclean of 3 Ungeshader. They had no children.

DJ Macleod, native of Enaclete, recalls:

Effie the Coll's wife was a real targer: strong as three men and she also worked hard. She was very kind and helpful. She was boisterous in her own way but Effie would say to your face what she thought of you -- good or bad, no hang ups. She often visited our house (1 Enaclete) walking down the hill from Ungeshader. She was the boss and sometimes used to give Shonnie a hard time. I remember seeing her one day on the lazybed down from the house and she aimed a kick at the Coll's bottom ---- but the Coll was too supple and she never managed to reach him with her foot. Effie's Bragar Gaelic was different from the Uig Gaelic and different accents, as today, were noted and sometimes laughed at.


Title: Effie Macaulay
Record Type: People
Sex: Female
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