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John Buchanan

John Buchanan

John (1849-1929) was a son of John Buchanan and Elizabeth Maclean, 7 Valtos, He married Margaret Macaulay, 6 Valtos.

John had a shop in Valtos, which he ran with his daughter Betsy. He served as parish councillor for many years and is mentioned in the local song Hi Ho Ro Tha mi Duilich, by his nickname Lerach.

John was also known as the Valtos Saint because he was very religious and always attended the services. It is also possible that it was his son John who was known as the Saint.


Title: John Buchanan
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Iain 'ain Mhurchaidh
Also Known As: The Valtos Saint; Lerach
Date of Birth: 1849
Date of Death: 15-04-1929
Occupation: Shopkeeper
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEU 1470
Record Maintained By: CEU
Subject Id: 38720