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John Macinnes

John Macinnes

John Macinnes (1909-1979) was a son of John Macinnes and Mary Kennedy, 29 Lemreway.

He enrolled in the Royal Naval Reserve, S/Ns AX14061, BX8764 and  CX7649, on August 11, 1927. His records indicate that he was 5ft 7in tall with brown hair, brown eyes and a fresh complexion. He had a cross tattoo "in Memory of my Dear Father".  John was a fisherman on Banff and Stornoway fishing boats, including the Daisy, the Venture and the Ocean Searcher.

In 1929 he joined the Merchant Navy and travelled to Russia on the SS British Tommy, SS Irania and the SS Vina, to Lisbon on the SS Montrose, to West Africa on the SS John Holt, to Vancouver on the SS Corrientes, SS Lochaven and the  SS Pacific Exporter and to the Pacific on the SS Queen Anne.

In 1938 he was living at 18 Greenfield Street, Govan and working as a Rigger for Alexander Stephens Shipbuilders, Glasgow.

John was Mobilised on February 4, 1939 and seved on Patrol Service during the Second World War. Based at HMS Baldur, HMS Boscawen, HMS Bacchante, HMS Europa and HMS Victory and aboard HMS Marshall Soult.

At Stornoway, in 1941, he married Isabella Ann Morrison, 44 Gravir. John and Isabella Ann settled in Glasgow.

Title: John Macinnes
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Iain Iain Iain
Also Known As: Iain Beag Iain Ruaidh
Date of Birth: 25-06-1909
Date of Death: 1979
Date of Marriage: 10-03-1941
Occupation: Fisherman, Royal Naval Reservist, Rigger, Merchant Navy, Royal Navy
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEP 5108
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 47554