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Angus Alick Macdonald

Angus Alick Macdonald

Angus Alex, born 1923, was the eldest child of Malcolm and Marion nee Mackenzie, 17 Tobson. He served in the Glasgow police. His wife was from Berneray; with issue.

From the Stornoway Gazette, 6 Feb 2003:

Angus Alick MacDonald - It is with great sorrow that we must record the passing of one of our most respected citizens, Angus Alick MacDonald of 17 Tobson, who passed away suddenly at home on January 21 aged 79 years. Angus Alick joined the Royal Navy while still a young man, and served his country for a few years before settling in Glasgow, where he joined the police force. From his youth he showed himself to be hard working and reliable. In his own quiet, but resourceful, manner he set about bringing into effect that which he set out to do.

Angus Alick fell under the influence of the gospel at a young age, and while in Glasgow he served as an elder in Gardner Street Church of Scotland. In 1965, following his retiral from the police force, Angus Alick, his wife Chirsty and their three children moved into the family home at 17 Tobson, and his steady influence on the social and spiritual life of the community was soon established. Together Angus Alick and Chirsty became a vital part of, not only the village of Tobson, but the entire Bernera community.

Angus Alick spent a number of years working in the Stornoway Sports Centre, carrying out his duties diligently, and following his retirement from that position he turned his attention towards the outdoor life, working the family croft and keeping both sheep and cattle. It was very rare to visit Tobson without seeing Angus Alick give a friendly wave as he went about his daily tasks. Although periods of ill health clouded his later years, he always bore his troubles with Christian fortitude, and his star continued to shine brightly throughout the remainder of his life.

He was a huge part of the Church of Scotland in Bernera, taking up from where he left off in Glasgow, by becoming a church elder, where his services were highly noble and most acceptable. His being called to higher service leaves a vacancy in the church on Earth where Angus Alick's shoes will be difficult to fill. The extremely large turnout at the funeral showed the esteem in which he was held, not only in Bernera and Tir Mor, but way beyond, with people from all walks of life coming to pay their last respects.

The heartfelt sympathy of the community is extended to Angus Alick's widow, Chirsty, and also to their daughter Ann, sons Callum Angus and Malky, and their families, as they mourn the loss of one close to them who throughout his life valued most highly that which is good, and showed this example to all who knew him.

Title: Angus Alick Macdonald
Record Type: People
Also Known As: Angus Alick Chalum Aonghais Chaluim
Date of Birth: 13-11-1923
Date of Death: 21-01-2003
Date of Marriage: 03-08-1955
Occupation: Police; lifeguard
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEBL 3610
Record Maintained By: CEBL
Subject Id: 53944