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Donald MacCallum, Reverend

Donald MacCallum, Reverend

Donald MacCallum (1849-1929) was born in the Craignish district of Argyll. He was a man who was to make his mark in crofting circles and to bear the title "caraid an duine bhochd" (the poor man's friend) who demonstrated by word and action that he was not of the "establishment" and whose agitation on behalf of the impoverished and downtrodden landed him often in hot water and ultimately in jail. He was not afraid to identify with those who suffered under the tyranny of avaricious landlords and malevolent factors.

He was the Established Church minister in Morven, Arisaig and South Morar before being invited in 1884 to the parish of Hallin, Waternish, Isle of Skye by a group of radical crofters connected with the Church. He became involved in the Highland land question while at University and campaigned throughout his life with the crofters in Argyll, Skye and Tiree against landlordism. In 1886 he was censured by his Church for "inciting violence and class hatred" and later that same year he was arrested in Portree.

He was inducted to Lochs in his 39th year, on 14 August, 1889. See The Crofter High Priest for an account of his induction. By this time, considerable attention had been focused on the difficulties experienced by crofter and when, on 9 July 1894, the Royal Commission (Highlands & Islands) 1892 was taking evidence in Stornoway he appeared before it. See his Statement.

Reverend MacCallum launched out in his 44th year on a matrimonial course. He married Mary, daughter of Dr Angus Macaulay, doctor for the Parish of Lochs. It is believed that she was an unwilling party to this union, the arrangement being between her father and the minister. Unwilling or otherwise, the bride presented herself beside him and the marriage took place on 14 August, 1894.

Reverend MacCallum retired to Glendale, Skye in 1920 and his last public appearance was on a Labour Party platform in Portree in 1928.

Title: Donald MacCallum, Reverend
Record Type: People
Date of Birth: 09-10-1849
Date of Death: 23-04-1929
Date of Marriage: 14-08-1884
Occupation: Minister
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CECL 3055
Record Maintained By: CECL
Subject Id: 5576