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Zachary Macaulay

Zachary Macaulay

Zachary, son of Murdo and Elizabeth nee Macpherson. He graduated from Edinburgh University on 12th April 1687; died sometime between 1730 and 1735. Some sources suggest he was Chamberlain of the Lews for 27 years, from very early in his career, but it seems he was only in office from 1715 to about 1730. Prior to this, William Matheson suggests in his Families of Lewis - Macaulays that Zachary may have been the collector of vicarage teinds (the pracadair), succeeding Donald Mackenzie (Domhnall mac Ruairidh), tacksman of Dalbeg, in this post.

The following is an excerpt from the Stornoway Gazette 'Families of Lewis - Macaulays 2 by Mac Gille Challuim':

He was licensed to preach (but was guilty of conduct that did not befit a clergyman) so was appointed factor to the Earl of Seaforth. This was just after the time of the Jacobite Rising in 1715, Lewis passed into the control of the Forfeited Estated Commissioners and the chamberlain had the task of placating the commissioners while also remaining loyal to the exiled Earl of Seaforth. He managed matters well enough to see the Earl back on Lewis after having made his peace with the government

In the rental of 1726 Zachary's name is entered for Gearaidh Chruaidh [the castle grounds]; in 1740 they are held by Mrs Macaulay, presumably his widow. He had at least two sons; Dugald and Alexander.

Maighstir Sgaire was also a poet of some renown.

Of his two sons, no descendants are known, but William Matheson suggests that the Alexander and Dugald who appear in Stornoway lists of 1753 as men of substance are likely the two sons, and that Alexander Macaulay was procurator fiscal in the town in 1774.


Title: Zachary Macaulay
Record Type: People
Also Known As: Maighstir Sgaire
Occupation: Chamberlain of the Lews; Collector of Vicarage Teinds
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEBL 2186
Record Maintained By: CEBL
Subject Id: 64830