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Ann Munro

Ann Munro

Ann (born 1828) was a daughter of Donald Munro and Christina Matheson who lived at Reef, Erista and then Crowlista. She married Malcolm Maclean, 8 Old Mangersta and they lived at Erista and as cottars on 8 Old Mangersta before emigrating to Whitton Township, Quebec in 1851.

They had ten children, one born before they emigrated:

Mary (born 1849)

Christina (born 1852) married 1st Henry Walker; 2nd Roderick Macaskill (ex Gress)

Flora (born 1853) married John Maclean (ex Mangersta)

Mary (born 1855) married John Macdonald (ex Lower Shader)

Margaret (born 1857) married 1st. Norman Maclean (ex Mangersta) 2nd Angus Maclean

Ann (born 1860)

Angus (born 1864)

Ann (born 1866) married Albert Hill

Donald (born 1868) married Christina Maclean (ex Mangersta)

Christina (born 1871)


Title: Ann Munro
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Anna Dhomhnaill
Date of Birth: 04-03-1828
Date of Marriage: 10-01-1851
Sex: Female
Bk Reference: CEU 3580
Record Maintained By: CEU
Subject Id: 65498