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Duncan MacAskill

Duncan MacAskill

Duncan MacAskill was born in 1853, the son of John MacAskill and Marion MacLeod of 7 Ruisgarry (Lag a' Chealla). He became the ground officer following his father's death, and later a joiner, then crofter. He married Mary Ann MacLeod in 1877, with whom he had a son John.

In 1887, on the death of his mother, Duncan was passed one third of the croft, 7/2 Ruisgarry, and his sister Catherine was passed another third, 7/3 Ruisgarry. This she subsequently passed to Duncan.

Following his wife's death in 1909, Duncan remarried on 25th November 1913. His second wife was Mary Munro of 19 Ruisgarry (Brusda). They had no children. Duncan's son having predeceased him, the croft was passed to his widow following his death in 1924.



Title: Duncan MacAskill
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Donnchadh Iain Phàdruig
Date of Birth: 1853
Date of Death: 26-06-1924
Date of Marriage: 09-01-1877
Occupation: Farmer; Ground Officer; Joiner
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEBH 79
Record Maintained By: CEBH
Subject Id: 70839