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Rev James Wilson

Rev James Wilson

Reverend James Wilson (-1788), Keose Manse, was presented to the charge by George III on the 14 January and admitted on 11 August 1768. He remained in the parish for almost sixteen years until he was translated to the Parish of Crathie & Braemar in August 1784 where his two youngest children were born.

His stipend in Crathie & Braemar was only 40 per year. He unavoidably got into debt and had his cattle and furniture sold by his creditors. Only one bed was left on which he lay dying, while his wife was at his side giving birth to their youngest child.

Ordinance Survey, 1848-1853 states the Rev Wilson rebuilt the farmhouse at Swordale. It was built of stone and also slated. Because the manse at Keose had fallen into disrepair, the house at Swordale, for a time, becomes the permanent residence of the Minister.


Title: Rev James Wilson
Record Type: People
Date of Death: 07-04-1788
Occupation: Minister
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CECL 8223
Record Maintained By: CECL
Subject Id: 8230